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It is a joy to play an in-tune piano. Andrew uses both aural and electronic tuning techniques to ensure an accurate, stable tuning. With over 10,000 professional tunings completed, you can be sure your piano is in good hands!

Piano Tuning Demo

Piano Tuning

Piano tuning of a Steinway D with before and after musical examples (note: "after" musical examples begin at 1hr 15mins)


Video timeline:


1. Pre-tuning musical example

2. Pitch-correction (starts at 4mins)

3. Mid-tuning assessment (starts at 29mins 45secs)

4. Fine-tuning (starts at 31mins 45secs)

5. Post-tuning musical example (starts at 1hr 15mins)

6. Final unison touch-up (starts at 1hr 22mins)

7. Final C-chord (starts at 1hr 28mins 15secs)

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